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Made specifically for period panties

When "leak-proof" isn't leak-proof

Let's face it – leaks can catch us by surprise. In the end, no pad, panty, or tampon company can promise absolute leak-proof protection. And you know what? That's okay. Because what we're here to offer isn't just a magical fix, but an unwavering assurance. A confidence that when you step through your door, our detergent will be there to clean up the mess and restore your clothes. Because embracing life's little mishaps is a mark of resilience and self-care and that is what we stand for. 


We totally get the issues with this crucial part of your period toolkit – it's a real hassle to keep clean, plus it sits all day in a seriously sensitive zone where harsh chemicals are a no-go. Especially if it could trigger a pesky UTI. And it's not just period panties that throw curveballs – regular undies have their own set of challenges too. Those surprise leaks, stubborn stains – talk about needing quick, efficient care!


Our innovative formula has been meticulously crafted to address these specific concerns. Created with period panties in mind, it's more than just a detergent; it's a tailored solution.


Powered by advanced enzymes that specialize in breaking down human fluids, our formula is your ultimate ally in conquering blood stains, bodily fluids, and more. With a pH-neutral formula, we prioritize your comfort and wellbeing, ensuring that sensitivity and potential irritations are kept at bay.


So whether you're dealing with an untimely leak or simply your routine period panty wash, our product stands ready to restore your confidence and cleanliness to your menstrual cycle. 


Why pH Neutral detergent is so important for your delicates

Opting for a pH neutral detergent is a wise choice particularly when it comes to caring for delicate pieces like period panties, lingerie, and washable pads that share direct contact with the body. Beyond a doubt, steering clear of detergents laden with harsh chemicals is a non-negotiable step to safeguard sensitive skin and fend off potential urinary tract infections (UTIs). Our meticulously designed pH neutral detergents serve as the ultimate solution – tenderly treating fabrics with an antimicrobial element and cleaning stains without leaving of a highly acidic residue.

Embracing a pH neutral detergent isn't just about cleaning; it's a commitment to maintaining your body's harmony and well-being.

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